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Introducing End to End PoSH
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Effortlessly enhance PoSH compliance through our unified digital platform, covering
conciliation, redressal, and streamlined annual reporting.
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“Workplace Safety Simplified”

Empowering Compliance, Boosting Scores, Pioneering Responsibility.

  • Corporates
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Driving Corporate Excellence

Streamline corporate compliance with I’m Safe Org. Our robust features assure PoSH, ESG, and SDG adherence, prioritising workforce well-being in a secure environment.

Elevating Institutional Standards

Enhance institutional compliance and boost NAAC score with I’m Safe Org’s features, prioritising the well-being of your students in a secure environment.

What I’M SAFE ORG Offers

Dedicated Web Portal for Admins

I’m Safe Web portal, crafted for managers and administrators, ensuring robust control and oversight.

Exclusive Mobile App for Employee / Students

Enhance safety on the go with our employee / Students-centric app, providing convenience and accessibility.

Why choose

Comprehensive Safety Solution
ensuring Physical, Mental Wellness

Pioneering ESG, SDG, and PoSH
Compliance Standards

Ensuring data protection and
privacy with utmost diligence

Foster workplace safety with our
PoSH Management Solution

Feature-Rich Solutions at Minimal Cost
Maximising Value

Intuitive Interface for User Convenience

Current Features

PoSH Management Suite

Foster workplace safety with our user-friendly PoSH Management Solution. Seamless workflows for IC members, enhanced compliance for Management.

SOS Trigger Alerts

Instant SOS alerts empower employees in critical situations, fostering a safer workplace with swift assistance from managers.


Announcements, a key feature of I'm Safe Org, empowers HR and organisational administrators to swiftly disseminate emergency alerts and important messages to all employees simultaneously.

Anonymous Reporting

The report feature empowers employees to raise anonymous complaints, highlighting important issues for themselves or others, with the flexibility to choose specific individuals.

Admin Dashboard

Empower administrators through the Dashboard, providing a concise overview of employee activities, feature utilisation, and safety metrics for comprehensive monitoring.

Internal Communication tool

Boost collaboration with our Internal Communication feature—seamless connection, streamlined discussions, and enhanced team cohesion on a user-friendly platform.

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